The world has been getting more and more interconnected. Making calls to Canada the US and International calling has become very important.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony replaces traditional hard-wired phone systems with networked broadband solutions, enabling organizations of all types to increase communication flexibility while reducing costs. By using VoIP services delivered via the cloud and hosted at a remote data center instead of on-premise, organizations can increase the reliability, speed and scalability of their communication solutions while no longer worrying about the operational challenges associated with in-house management.


VoIP service plans and charges are a major deciding factor when you choose a service. Many VoIP providers offer cheaper rates if you agree to an annual or two-year plan, but charge hefty cancellation fees if you stop service before your contract expires. Month-to-month plans are somewhat more expensive, but you can opt out of service at any time.

With J&R CompuSolutions Inc. you do not need to sign a contract...

One advantage of VoIP is cheaper long-distance and international calling. We offer unlimited international minutes. We have cheaper domestic plans that offer a limited number of free international minutes, an economical choice if you don't have many overseas calling to make. Our services let you choose your own area code, so that if you are away from family or friends, you can choose a number in their area so that their calls to you as well as yours to them are local and free.

• *69 Call Return
• Call Blocking
• Call Forwarding
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID
• 3 Way Calling
• Enhanced 911
• Long Distance
• Voicemail
• Keep Your Current Number

Where we stand out is in the extras. Speed dial lets you quickly dial familiar numbers. We also offer 3-way calling. Call transfer lets you send a call to a different phone, which means you need to assign the phones in your house...

Adding a second line lets you have two phone lines working off the same service. Although these share the same phone number, it lets you make or receive calls on one phone while someone else in the home is using another.

Mobile apps let you use your VoIP service on your cell phone or tablet as long as it has internet connection. If you want to use your computer as your phone (called a softphone) or use the internet phone service for a home business as well.

You might also find it handy to take your service with you if you go on a long vacation or "snowbird," living part of the year in a different location. You can take the service with you along with the adapter we provide that is small enough to fit conveniently in your carry-on.

Voice over IP offers a more affordable and feature-rich alternative to a traditional phone line. Whether you are looking to cut costs or get more from your phone service, VoIP presents a viable solution for your telecommunications needs.

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It will be a great pleasure to show you how it works and all the money you will be saving...