J&R CompuSolutions Inc. is dynamic company also offering management services, information technology support services and telecommunications for all types of businesses.

Our Services
IT Consulting services (including migration, business continuity and renewed infrastructure)
Telecommunications and collaboration by telephony (VoIP)
Private Cloud Services
Network Architecture and Security (LAN, WAN)
User Support Level I, II, III with managed incidents (SLA)

The Team
The team is formed with dynamic people and experts in their respective domains.

Private Cloud
The equipment belongs to our supplier 100%
They are certified specialist in their respective domains
The equipment and installation is located in Quebec (Type of Bunker: Tier 3 [99.98%])
Business Continuity and Backup

The internet connections as well as its stability are important elements and are the responsibility of the client.
The licences used must be the property of the client (Documents returned to client including their licensed certificates.)
Certain applications may not be compatible with the cloud and must therefore be installed at the client.
Adding Users are systematically counted for an initial period of one year.
The installation of a router at the client is necessary in order to insure the communication and the security.
Certain printers may not be compatible with the new versions of Windows 64 bits.

Services Include
The operational service maintenance of the server with the cloud.
Backup services and daily verification with 7 days of backups
The base package includes 200GB of hard disk space in order to copy data.
Remote User Support Services with the Cloud only.
Update service and maintenance of applications provided by the client and operational in the cloud.
A fiber optic type of Internet connection is available via the Bunker.

Advantages Regarding the Cloud Continuity Services

1. Financial:
There is no need to renew or maintain equipment internally like; servers, firewall and others. With this solution, IT managers spend less time required to manage servers which improve their availability towards employees.

2. Infrastructure:
You just have to maintain an operational infrastructure in your premises. You will have 99.98% service availability and a very high flexibility and mobility in operations by having access to your data from anywhere and anytime.

3. Physical & Logical Security:
For physical security, our infrastructure is entirely based on the Cisco Systems technology and is hosted in a highly secure bunker in Quebec. For logical security, we use antivirus software, malware and perform backups every day.

4. Services Include:
Systems Administration includes; updates, monitoring, security of your access, managing your users, backups and business continuity.

5. Support Service to Users:
The service includes; user support available by phone or email with incident management.

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