Shared hosting is just what it sounds like: You and other clients share a server that’s managed by your web host. You should aim for the fewest amounts of sharers as possible while staying within your budget. You’ve probably seen ads for free web hosting and while most are legitimate, they can come with a lot of down time and/or slow load times. The more hands in the pot (or in the server), the worst the end result will be.

If you have a managed dedicated server, a server is “dedicated” just for you. You won’t be sharing it with anyone else, and you’re paying a premium for that. However, you don’t need to be a techie in order to have your own server. A managed dedicated server is the most common, and you’ll have a team of professionals taking care of the maintenance for you. Technically you may own the server but it’s kept in a center where the professionals have access to it.

There are also unmanaged dedicated servers, which basically mean you’re buying the server, applicable equipment and then set loose. You need to know a lot about hosting and technology in general for this approach. Only the biggest techies use it (such as Rack Space) and you need to be okay with having zero outside support. This is a risky move, but for some it’s the right fit.

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