Whether you interested in a new or refurbished as new (all-in-one) printer, we have the perfect printer you are looking for. By simply asking you a few key questions we will recommend a printer that will best suit your needs. In today's market there are so many different types of printers with different types of ink, toners or the latest technology called AirPrint. Each printer has its own specific qualities, durability’s and maximum number of pages it can print per month. We will guide you and explain which one we recommend and why we selected the specific printer for you.

There are three main types of ink used in printers and they are as follows: InkJet, Toners and the new technology of ink called AirPrint. The best types of printers for printing photos are either the InkJet or the AriPrint. The big different between in and AirPrint is that the InkJet can only print on the average about 300 pages while in the AirPrint you can easily go over 2000 pages and the ink dries very quickly as well compare to some InkJet printers. The toners are mostly used for bigger quantities starting from 2000 pages and over depending on the type of printer quality. Based on your everyday printing needs we will provide you with the right quality printer.

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