J&R CompuSolutions Inc. is a Canadian company established since 1998 specializing in Information Technology. Our many services include Consulting, Designing, Developing and Maintaining Websites, Mobile Websites, Social Media Networks, Computer Sales, Repairs, Installations and Maintenance, Wireless Connections, VoIP Telephony, Digital Photo & Video Editing, Graphic Design as well as Interactive Communications Centers with Tourist Information Software.

Our vast experience and commitment have brought our company to develop trusting relationships with our valued clientele. Our productive force is based on many years of experience from each member in the computer field. This experience and knowledge allowed the company to place our products and services among the best in the business. Our team is always searching for the best and most reliable equipment in order to offer a superior service. We are continually up to date with the existing as well as the latest technologies based on your budget and requirements.

We value honesty, integrity, reliability, trust and sincerity in our business environment. We are a team of dedicated people who thrives in the passion of providing the best computer solutions for our clients, resellers and partners. We believe in our company and in our ability to deliver the best possible prices, best product quality and giving total customized solutions for clients. As an Information Technology company, we have seized this opportunity to create and deliver customized solutions to our every customer whom we believe is unique. We strive in helping customers to adapt to changes by confiding in our experience and knowledge for their computer issues and needs.

To be very well-known in the Information Technology field offering solutions on an international level for our excellent quality of services. We are committed to providing our valued clients the most value for your money with the right guidance based on your requirements. This will allow you to increase your business performance and reliability. We foresee that when our clients are satisfied with our services and products then they will recommend us to others.

To consult, educate and provide custom solutions for our clients in order to offer quality services and products based on your needs, requirements and finances. With over 15 years of experience we work hard to find ways of making your lives easier as well as saving you time and money. We offer our clients simple and easy access to the existing and new technologies. We strive to keep a great customer relationship, a bond of trust and stability that you deserve.

Our commitment and dedication to our clients is to consult and guide you in resolving any issues or requirements you may have. We strive in finding the best possible solution(s) and result(s) that meet your specific needs and requests satisfaction guaranteed. If by any likelihood we do not have exactly what you require in stock at that time we will either recommend a similar product or as consultants we will guide you and suggest how or where you will find what you need free of charge. We also like to follow up on your progress and success because when you succeed we succeed.

We take the time and effort to listen to your requests and needs in order to provide the best possible solution(s) and value for our clients. We will also take the time to recommend and explain what you’re best options are based on your requirements and finances allowing you peace of mind in making your final decision.

Remember: The Point is to Communicate and finding the right Computer Solutions…

How can we be of service to you???

J. & R. CompuSolutions Inc.